Google: We Mostly Just Ignore Widget Links And Not Penalize For Them

As you know, Google has a webmaster guideline against widget links, despite what some SEOs want to tell themselves. But the good news, and we knew this, that Google will likely just ignore those links and not penalize your site for those links today.

When Google Search Console Verify Fix Works Without Fixing Anything

Did you ever get an email from Google Search Console that asks you to take an action to fix an issue and then click the “verify fix” button? Well, did you ever just click that you fixed the issue, without actually implementing any fixes or changes?

John Mueller Gives A Hard Lesson To An SEO On Google Ranking & Spam

John Mueller of Google responded to a complaint on Reddit where the SEO or site owner was upset his one month old site was not performing on Google Search. The SEO said despite him “created backlinks on top websites with good DA and low spam score” his site is just not showing up.

Google Shopping Add To Cart Icon In Googley Colors

In the Google Shopping search results, if you can check out with Google, Google will add a Google-colored shopping cart icon to the search results that support checkout with Google. I don’t know if the icon is new, looking back at my old posts, they just read “add to cart” but this can be old, […]

Google Web Stories Test URL In Footer & Tips

Google seems to be testing displaying the domain the web story is from, while on the web story, in the footer of the story. Also, Google also shows tips on how to interact with web stories when you first load a web story from Google Search.

Bag Of Google Jelly Beans

Russia-based advertisers can no longer reach global audiences on Google properties and networks

This latest policy change takes widespread ad suspensions from platforms across the industry into new territory by targeting businesses in Russia. Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article.

Why on-site search should be a priority for marketers

On-site search can provide marketers with key insights into their audiences. At SMX Next, Stephen Rahal shows how to optimize this important site function. Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article.

Pinterest adds in-app checkout and personalized shopping recommendations

The features may help improve Pinterest as a marketing channel for retailers as well as a shopping destination for users. Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article.

Twitter Shops lets brands showcase 50 products

Want your own Twitter shop? You’ll have to wait. It’s only available to select merchants in the U.S. for now. Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article.