Refine This Search & Broaden This Search Now Live In Google Search

After the announcement in September at Search On and months and months of testing, the Refine This Search and Broaden This Search features are fully live in US English Google Search results. This is not to mean the Things To Know and Things To Consider feature is live yet, it is just being tested.

Google Search Settings Not Sticking; Dark Mode Sees The Light

There are numerous complaints in the Google Search Community Forums that the Google Search settings are not sticking. The most obvious example is when you have the dark theme set and Google toggles you to the light theme. But other settings are not sticking for some searchers as well, such as the region setting.

Google Adds Business Profiles Managers Controls In Web Search

Google continues to move more and more business editing features and controls to the web search results and outside of the Google Business Profile Manager (formerly Google My Business manager). Now you can also manage the managers and those who have access to edit your business profile in the web search results.

Google Image Search Lens Tests Search, Text & Translate Options

In 2018, Google added a lens button to the mobile search image results. That eventually came to desktop as Google more tightly integrated Lens into Image Search. Now we are seeing Google test options for search, text and translate using Google Lens in Google Image Search.

Google Search Ranking Update Weirdness On March 11th

For the past few days I have been debating if I should cover what may have been a Google search ranking update that ticked off on Friday March 11th. There was super unusual update like chatter in the WebmasterWorld forums but the automated tracking tools showed nothing – nada.

Doogler Playing At The Google Arcade

How E-A-T content and link building can drive YMYL SEO success

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Google business profile reviews posting bugs should be resolved soon

Google has confirmed there was an issue with some reviews not posting and those reviews should be processed the end of this week. Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article.

How to prepare for an SEO sales call

Asking these key questions and doing some organic research will massively help you when selling SEO services. Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article.

Google to sunset Universal Analytics on July 1, 2023, in favor of Google Analytics 4

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