Does Redirecting Links That Lead To 404 Pages Gain Google SEO Value?

We know that links pointing to pages that do not exist, that 404 or some soft 404, are links that are not counted by Google – that is not new. But John Mueller of Google spoke about how sometimes you can redirect old 404 pages and that link may pass to the new page, even […]

Microsoft Bing On This Page SERP Feature

Microsoft Bing is testing a feature in its search results page to anchor you to different sections of the search results. Microsoft calls this “On This Page” and when you click on an item on the left side bar, the searcher will be anchored down the search results page to that section.

Google Search With Discount Coupon Codes In Shopping Pack

Google is showing coupon codes that you can click on to “view code” and then that will show the code that you can copy and paste into the checkout page at the merchant to get the discount. This seems to be powered by Google the Merchant Center promotions feature (help document here).

Google Search Console Rich Results Report To Enforce Event Locations

Google posted a notice that it will now show warnings in the Google Search Console rich results report for when your structured data does not define the location for an event. Google said it will “start enforcing location requirements for events.”

Microsoft Advertising Updates Reporting Capabilities & Usability

Microsoft Advertising announced its “biggest reporting update in our history” by making the search ads reports “faster, easier, and more intuitive,” the company said. The company said reporting is now 60% faster to find and use.

Google Easter Egg For National Cherry Blossom Festival

If you go to Google and search for [National Cherry Blossom Festival] or [cherry blossom] or [hanami season] and so on, Google will give you a Cherry Blossom flower to click on that will trigger Google to have flower pedals to fall from the top of the search results page to the bottom.

Google Swing While Working At Zurich Office

Google releases Partner Program directory in latest effort to rebuild program

After trying to relaunch it with strict requirements, Google now seems intent on building goodwill among the PPC marketers who participate. Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article.

PPC salaries: How much in-house and agency search marketers make in 2022

This data will help give you some bargaining power, whether you’re negotiating salary for a new role or seeking a raise from your employer. Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article.

Google claims it reduced irrelevant search results by over 50% in seven years

Also, Google said they saw an 60% increase in natural language queries by searchers. Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article.