March 2022 Google Product Reviews Update Rolling Out – Everything We See So Far

Google has rolled out its third version of the product reviews update, named the March 2022 Product Reviews Update. The previous two versions were the April 2021 Product Reviews Update and the December 2021 Product Reviews Update. The March version was updated to incorporate more signals and criteria in this niche ranking algorithm.

Google Search Tests Light Gray Search Box

Google seems to be testing another variation of the Google Search box. This one is a light gray background color for the search box. We recently saw Google testing the dark borders for the search box and also an edgeless search box.

Google Pauses Ads That Exploits, Dismisses Or Condones The Russia-Ukraine War

Google last night posted a new policy in the sensitive events category that will pause ads that exploits, dismisses or condones the Russia and Ukraine war. Google wrote “due to the war in Ukraine, we will pause ads containing content that exploits, dismisses, or condones the war.”

Google: We Reduced Irrelevant Search Results By 50% & Made 5,000 Changes In 2021

Google said in a spotlight piece of Danny Sullivan’s 25 year career in search (which is a nice thing) that Google reduced irrelevant search results by more than half in the past seven years. Google measured that number by looking at its own internal quality raters metrics.

New Google Partners Directory Now Live

Google has launched the new Google Partners directory with new ways to search for partners and also the new and updated partner program. Google said “now it’s easier than ever to find the right partner to help you grow your business.”

Google Search Recommends Which Stocks To Buy Now

If you do a search in Google Search for [inflation stocks], Google will show you a related searches feature with the title “stocks to buy now.” To savvy SEOs and searches, we know this is not Google recommending these stocks to buy but rather this is a related searches feature on the top of which […]

Rooftop Mini Golf At Google Toronto

Twitter adds keyword search to Direct Messages

Good news for brands and businesses who use Twitter for customer service: you can now find DMs by searching for keywords. Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article.

Google Search adds booking and appointment availability for healthcare providers

This is a pilot with a limited number of providers including MinuteClinic at CVS. Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article.

Google Maps blocked 100 million abusive business profile edits in 2021

Less than 1% of the content viewed on Google Maps was fraudulent or abusive, Google said. Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article.