Google Talks About de-SEOing The Search Central Web Pages

Google’s Martin Splitt, Gary Illyes, and Lizzi Sassman sat together on the latest Search Off the Record to talk about de-SEOing – what we would probably call over-optimization strategies. It is an interesting listen to, stuff you probably heard before but it is interesting to hear Googlers who are intimate with how Google Search works […]

Google Maps 2021 Blocked 100 Million Fraudulent & Abusive Edits & More

Google announced its 2021 Google Maps and Google Business Profile spam fighting efforts, like it did for the 2020 year. Google said it blocked more than 100 million Business Profile edits and protected over 100 thousand businesses from suspicious activity and abuse attempts.

Google Testing Lower Price Icon In Search Shopping Results

Google is testing displaying a badge or icon or label that demonstrates if a product you are looking at is a low price or not. So if your product sells well below other products in that product category, Google might tell you with this new label.

Google Ads Tests New Ad Extension Icons

Google may be testing new Google Ads extension icons in the search results. Khushal Bherwani spotted these and notified me of these on Twitter, and I think they are new. New contact us and buy now icons are being placed in the Google search ad snippet.

Google Search Tests Healthcare Provider Appointments & Booking

Google announced that in addition to helping searchers find healthcare providers that take their insurance, they are now helping searchers book appointments at these healthcare providers. This is a limited pilot test with MinuteClinic at CVS and some other healthcare booking software services.

Google Search Bar Bug Makes Autocomplete Query Hard To See

Many searchers are seeing a bug or a test gone bad within the Google Search bar or box while in dark mode. The text displayed in the autocomplete search suggested are grayed out on a light background, where it is super hard to read.

Google NYC Office New Food, New Games & New Places For Returning Googlers

Google Search rolls out a more visual search interface on mobile with grid format

Are both top results position one or does Google count the one on the right as position two? Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article.