Google Search Local Pack Refine Query & Location Search Box

Google seems to be testing a specialized local pack that looks more like the local service ads. Maybe this is a bug because the ads are not labeled or maybe Google is testing free local service listings? The local pack design looks more like local service ads and gives you the option to refine the […]

Bing Interactive Wikipedia Box In Search Results

Microsoft Bing seems to be testing a new search feature that embeds snippets of content from Wikipedia in this large Wikipedia box in the search results. It basically brings in portions of content from Wikipedia broken down by the Wikipedia’s page content.

Bing Round Category Icons To Explore More Images

Microsoft Bing is testing (or maybe rolling out) new explore icons for images that show up in the web results. There are these round circle category icons that let you refine your search for the query, to show more images that match the refined query.

Google: Keep Old Redirected URLs In Sitemaps Files Temporarily

Google’s John Mueller said again on Twitter that you should only keep old URLs that have been redirected elsewhere in your XML sitemap file temporarily and not long term. John has said this a few times before – but now John is saying keep them there for one to three months, as opposed to less […]

Google Continues Expandable Tab Search Result Snippets Test

Back in August 2021, Google began testing this expandable tab search result snippet. Then the test seemed to have expanded in November 2021. Last week, I had countless folks ask me about this again, but I am not yet able to see it myself – but clearly Google is re-testing this search feature.

The Lengths Googlers Go Through To Get Coffee

Google shares search traffic monitoring dashboard for Data Studio

Plus, you can now pull Discover and Google News traffic data into Data Studio using the Search Console connector. Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article.

YouTube to drop Maximize Lift bidding

Maximize Lift used details input by advertisers about their brands and products to generate content to be used in Brand Lift surveys. Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article.

Most plan to tough out the switch to Google Analytics 4

About 70% of the 250 marketers we polled said they planned to switch and will handle the migration internally. Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article.

How to keep your SEO clients engaged: 8 communication touchpoints

Take the time to review your communication plan to keep your projects on track and your clients happy. Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article.