Daily Search Forum Recap: April 6, 2022

Here is a recap of what happened in the search forums today…

Immense Google Search Ranking Volatility; The Tail End Of The Product Reviews Update?

As of yesterday afternoon and certainly today, I am seeing signs of some really large Google search ranking volatility and ranking changes. The question is, are these fluctuations from the tail-end of the March 2022 product reviews update or is this some sort of new update?

Google Does Not Care If You Outsource Content As Long As It Is Quality

Google’s John Mueller was asked if it matters if your publish content written by outsourced resources versus in-house resources. John said it does not matter, Google does not differentiate between outsourced content versus in-house content. For Google, what matters is if the content is quality, no matter who writes it.

Google Ads Latency Issues Started On April 1st

Last Friday, about five days ago, Google confirmed there were some latency issues with the Google Ads console. It was specific to the Responsive search ads (RSAs) ad review process. But still, five days later, it is not resolved.

Google Maps With Deeper iOS Integration, Toll Prices & Traffic Lights/Stop Signs

Google Maps announced a bunch of updates for the iOS and Android app including the prices of tolls, displaying traffic lights and stop signs on the map and additional iOS integrations. These are also rolling out on Android Auto and CarPlay.

Google: Thin Content Issues Are Site Specific, Not Always Page Specific

Google’s John Mueller was asked about thin content issues on the last webmaster hangout and John explained this generally applies to the site as a while and not a page by page basis. So it seems a site in general can be labeled as having thin content but not because of single pages here or […]

Sick View Of Google Dublin Office

Pinterest prohibits climate misinformation in ads, content 

Pinterest says any ads containing conspiracy theories, misinformation or disinformation around climate change are explicitly prohibited.

Twitter: Edit button coming (but you’ll have to pay to get it)

Twitter says it’s been working on a feature that will allow users to edit tweets. The catch: it will only be available to Twitter Blue users.

R.A.C.E to success: A strategic framework to win at SEO

You can find success in your SEO strategy by following these steps.