Daily Search Forum Recap: April 8, 2022

Here is a recap of what happened in the search forums today…

Search News Buzz Video Recap: Massive Google Ranking Fluctuations, New Google Multisearch, Ad & Analytics Latency & Local Search News

This week, I posted the monthly Google webmaster report – got to say, it was a super busy month – so catch up there. Google’s product reviews update, the tail-end, may have heated up in a big way, I covered that in a lot of detail…

Podcast: Past, Present and Future Of Structured Data With Google Search

Lizzi Sassman and Martin Splitt brought on a special Google guest on their Google search off the record podcast to discuss structured data. The guest is named Ryan Levering who has been with Google for over 11 years working on structured data.

Bing Doesn’t Support data-nosnippet HTML Attribute

While Google supports the data-nosnippet HTML attribute, Microsoft Bing does not, clarified Fabrice Canel of Microsoft on Twitter. The data-nosnippet attribute lets you designate textual parts of an HTML page not to be used as a snippet in the search results in Google, but it does not work for Bing.

Google AI Can Update Local Listing Hours Including Live Traffic, Street View Imagery & More

Google announced that it will update the local business hours listed in Google Maps and Google Search of over 20 million businesses using AI. How? Google said it looks at a multitude of things including popular times (real user location data), the hours posted on your store front via street view imagery and more.

Google Search Showing Massive Poll On Search Results Satisfaction

We covered Google polling searchers before asking if they are happy with the search results. But now Google is showing some pretty massive polls asking “how satisfied are you with this result?” under specific search results.

Search By Image & Text With Google Multisearch

Google has launched a new way of searching by image with Google Lens named “multisearch.” Multisearch lets searchers search by image and then refine that image search with a text query on top of it. And just to be clear, while Google says this is done using AI, Google is not using MUM at this […]

Sanding Google Floors at Google NYC

The Great Marketing Reshuffle: 618,000 marketers changed jobs in 2021

And why brands or agencies that are trying to hire right now may want to offer remote work. Spoiler: demand is huge.

Indexing: A tale of two search engines

In Part 7 of our Messy SEO series, we look at the differences between Bing and Google’s indexing of MarTech’s content.