Daily Search Forum Recap: April 13, 2022

Here is a recap of what happened in the search forums today…

Google Now Says Automatically Generated Content Against Guidelines When Intended To Manipulate Search Rankings

Google has updated the webmaster guidelines document to add that automatically generated content is against the guidelines only when it is “intended to manipulate search rankings.” This was added to the main webmaster guidelines here the other day and has been added to the specific document a few months ago.

Google Search Showing Image Results In Weird Snippet Location

Here is a weird Google search interface test that is the more visual design but seems possibly broken. Google is showing a set of images in a snippet that has no URLs listed, is unrelated to the snippet above it or below it. It just shows images related to the queries.

Not All Product Comparisons Trigger The Google Product Reviews Algorithm

Alan Kent from Google was asked if if product comparison posts like comparing one product against another “count as reviews in the eyes of Google and, more importantly, the Product Reviews Updates?” Alan sent not necessarily.

Google Search Console Will Show Links From A Redirected Domain To New Domain

Google’s John Mueller was asked if Google Search Console will show links from a redirected domain to the new domain in the links report in Search Console. The answer is yes, if the links are being redirected and you did a site move from domain A to domain B, the links pointing to domain A […]

Highly Cited Label In Google Search Tops Stories Now Live

Google announced a new label for top stories named “highly cited” about two weeks ago. The highly cited label is now showing up for select news stories in the mobile search results.

Google Archery Team Building

YouTube launching new search insights tool

You can now research what YouTube users, and your own viewers, are searching for, to find content gaps and create more relevant videos.

Marketers report Meta bug turning off Facebook ads

Make suer you check your accounts ASAP, since many said their best-performing ads were affected.

Google Ads launches manager account dashboards

Google also announced five improvements that should make your dashboards faster and easier to use.